We love to collect books, and show what we have. And we love to organize things.

As books collectors, we know how hard is to find the book we are looking for. Sometimes it just appears out of nowhere. But when you get it, you are proud of your last acquisition and want to show it to everybody! But how? ShelfProud allows you to have an online profile designed for book collectors, where they can upload their books and share them to everyone, with collectors' details, photos and even stats.
Don't you wonder how many hardcover books you have? How many of them are signed? How many of your total books are a Limited Edition? ShelfProud will show you everything you need to know about your books. It will even provide you with stats about the authors you like and which publishers you buy from.


ShelfProud has been featured in a lot of blogs and apps/startups websites, some of them very popular. Of course, you can write about ShelfProud in your own space!

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